June 11th 2014: HRD Antwerp announces adjustment in the HRD Antwerp Diamond Cut Grade

 On June 11th the HRD Antwerp announced that the HRD Diamond Cut Grade will be adjusted. The biggest change involves a revision of the proportion parameter within the diamond cut grade. The HRD Antwerp published the following:

“In order to be more compliant with the market standard, whilst maintaining the highest quality grading standard HRD Antwerp is known for, HRD Antwerp decided to adjust the porportion parameters of the Cut Grade. These changes will become effective JULY 14th 2014.”

Furthermore, the HRD Antwerp stated:

“The HRD Antwerp Cut Grade is based on symmetry, proportion and polish. The most important change within the adjusted cut grade encompasses a revision of the proportion parameter. Whereas previously a diamond was graded “Very Good” on proportion, it is now possible for certain diamonds to achieve “Excellent”, increasing the possibility to obtain an overall Triple Excellent grade.”

Would you like to know more about the new HRD Cut Grade? Read the full HRD Cut Grade brochure here.







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