Zylana offers a broad range of natural, non-synthetic gems for professional goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Sourced with love and selected by hand for the creation of unique handmade jewellery.


A gem collection that stands apart from all othersDifferent shades of green in Zylana gems

Every now and then we get the question: “Which gem types do you specialize in?” It might seem like a pretty simple, straight forward question but in our case it’s not. Why? Well because… we’re just not. Specialized in a few particular gemstone types that is. And why would we? Why would we want to limit ourselves to a small part of a world that includes endless varieties? A world that will often exceed your imagination?

We personally select each gemstone individually and never buy (or sell) by the lot. Because unlike diamonds, natural coloured stones cannot be caught in charts and measurable standards. Even in a lot of the same variety, cutting style, size and colour, each gem will be different. For this very reason, we do not sell our gems in an online store. To be able to fully appreciate our gemstone collection for what it really is, it needs to be seen first. And more often than not, it’s when our boxes get opened by someone for the first time that he or she fully understands what it is we offer.

“We already have our supply lines for our regular goods. But when we need something special**, we call you! It’s feedback we often receive and to us it’s as big as a compliment can get.

(** …the actual expression often used is “awesome crazy stuff” ;) )


Opalized wood. Gems with a unique origine.Things you will (and will not) find in our gem collection

So what do we hold in our gem collection? Everything that is seriously eye-pleasing, preferably unusual and of natural origin. So no synthetics, no imitations and no composites! Our gems cover a range that goes from top of the bill to modestly priced and everything in between. But regardless of any price tag, each stone has something special.

So think high end tourmaline next to mini quartz geode pairs that look too cute to be true. Or what about translucent fiery red rhodonite and opalized wood (see photo)? Top quality minty green peridot in the same box with imperial jasper pairs. Gradient colour aquamarine, goshenite, extremely clear rose quartz, jade-green chrysoprase and Dominican amber in one frame? Rose cut corundum pairs or “not-so-granny-like” garnets with fire so extreme, you almost need a pair of welding goggles to be able to look at them?

Of course we do know where to get the “traditional four” (diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald), but we deliberately don’t hold much of that in stock. Instead we prefer the “other ones” you don’t come across that often.


One of a kind gems for one of a kind jewellery

If you are a jewellery professional who likes the use of rare and unusual gems, we might just be a match! Please don’t hesitate to contact us, whether for a general inquiry or for an appointment request. And in the meantime make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.