What do we do? How do we do it? And who do we do it for?


For the makers within the jewellery trade

Zylana supplies loose, unset pearls and gemstones to jewellery professionals, goldsmith apprentices, as well as students who are attending an official study related to jewellery making. In our collections you will find natural materials only. So no synthetics, no simulants and no composites.


Go through the Zylana collection in the comfort of your own workplaceWe’ll make it easy for you: Select your new pearls and gemstones in the comfort of your own workplace

We work by appointment only. The Zylana pearl and gemstone collection is not on display at a fixed location. There is no store, no showroom. Instead we always come to you, so you can go through our stock in the comfort of your own workplace. There’s no need for you to close your business to pay us a visit, no traveling time and no haste to get back on the road before rush hour (we’ll do that rush hour part for you…).

Oh, and we’re never in a hurry. When you make an appointment, you can take as long as you need to make your selection. Even if it takes all day, we’re fine with that. Because we understand how it works: picking pearls and gemstones shouldn’t be done in a rush. You need your time to pre-select, pick from your pre-selection, make categories. And maybe all of that to just change your mind all over again. It takes choosing, fitting, measuring, comparing, matching and sometimes even daydreaming to allow new design ideas to sprout right there at the table when all the pearls and gems are laid out in front of you. And that’s all okay…



Zylana pearl and gemstone educationPearl and gemstone education

True appreciation requires knowledge. And this certainly applies to pearls and gemstones. Knowing exactly what you see when you are sourcing new goods and how to use it in jewellery; it is crucial knowledge for any goldsmith or jewellery designer.

At Zylana we are prepared to help you out with any gemmological questions you might have. You will already find some useful information in the “Expertise Guide” section on our homepage. But in case you don’t find what you are looking for there, don’t hesitate to use us as your pearl and gemstone hotline. Just send us an e-mail at info@zylana.com and we will do our best to get back to you asap.



Frequently Asked Questions
  • “I am curious about your pearls and gemstones and I am thinking of making a first appointment. But I am hesitant, because I don’t know yet if your collection will indeed match my taste. And I don’t want to waste your time.” – Don’t worry. A first appointment is always informal. Because we can’t expect you to promise to buy anything if you don’t know yet what’s actually for sale, right? Building a business relationship requires meeting each other first, so we are more than happy to put in the effort of making a first acquaintance. It will give you the opportunity to try out our way of doing things and see what we actually hold in our collection. So the next time you’re looking for new pearls or gemstones, you will know if you should call us or that you might be better off with one of your other suppliers.


  • “If I make an appointment, will there be a minimum spending requirement? – No, we don’t like to demand a minimum purchase amount when you make an appointment with us. We would rather like to trust on fair mutual reasonableness. We are all trade professionals who need to run a business. So we trust that you value our time and energy as much as you would like us to value yours.


  • “I only recently started working as a goldmsith. My business is still small so at this point I won’t be a huge buyer. Can I still make an appointment?” – Yes, of course you can! Everyone needs to start somewhere, right? And we have been there too, we know what it’s like. So don’t worry about that. Having that said: In case you still feel bad (which you really shouldn’t) about “being only a small player”, then maybe it’s an idea to make a combined appointment with a few fellow goldsmiths/jewellery designers who are interested in buying new pearls and gemstones too.  It might break down the barrier a bit. And for us, well, it’s always a nice added bonus.


  • “Can appointments also be made in the weekend?” – Sure, no problem.


  • “Is it okay if I invite a few colleagues to our appointment?” – Most certainly!


  • “Can appointments also be made during evening hours? – Assessing pearls and gemstones requires natural daylight. So we strongly prefer our appointments to take place during day time.


  • “I am looking for colour treated pearls. Can I buy those from you?”– No, unfortunately we can’t help you with that. We choose to work with natural coloured pearls only. So for example, no black or grey freshwater pearls and no chocolate brown Tahitian pearls.


  • “I am looking for colour treated gemstones. Can I buy those from you?”– It is a fact that a lot of colour enhancement is being applied to gemstones. But our preference lies with untreated, natural coloured stones. So first and foremost we try select those as much as we can. As for colour enhanced stones, our acceptance is strictly limited to the so called “accepted treatments” only. So this rules out gemstones like mystic topaz/quartz (coating) or Swiss/London/Sky blue topaz or prasiolite (irradiation) from our collection. NOTE: with this policy we are not saying that it’s a wrong thing to use such colour treated gemstones in your jewellery, it is just our personal choice not to include them in our collection.


  • “I need a lot of calibrated stones. Can you help me with that?” – If you are looking for a series of calibrated stones, we might not be your best option. We specialize in one of a kind items and if we do happen to have a calibrated gemstone in our collection, it’s purely by coincidence. “Stick to your game”, certainly applies in this case. So our advice would be to contact another supplier in the market who is specifically  specialized in calibrated goods, as he or she will be able to help you better and faster than we can.


  • “Does Zylana also supply diamonds?” – Only to a limited extend. We acknowledge the world of diamonds as being a separate “niche” within the gemstone trade and the people who work in it full time as real specialists. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have access to diamonds, but we know where our strengths lie. So if you are looking for classic stones in the well known cuts as single stones, series or parcels, we will gladly refer you to our specialized diamond supplying colleagues. If however you are looking for a unique, different, one of a kind diamond or diamond pair/set and you have the time to wait for that perfect match to come along, then we are more than happy to help. In that case, feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs.