Loose, unset pearls and gemstones for the creators of unique, handmade jewellery. Rare. Different. Often one of a kind. Because in the world of pearls and gems, beauty comes in many shapes and forms.

If you go through a dictionary you will find several definitions of the word “exclusive”, among which: Exclusive /ɪkˈskluːsɪv, ɛkˈskluːsɪv/Only available to one person or group.” Exclusivity in this sense of the word is what Zylana stands for. And by that we mean:

  1. We supply handpicked pearls and gemstones. Natural materials only for one-off jewellery creations.

    About Zylana Pearls and GemstonesNever ever do we buy in bulk because we want to select those pearls and gemstones that stand out for their quality, their character, their special origin or that one bizarre feature you will only come across once in a lifetime. We love rarity. We love the different ones. We love the ones you normally only read about in your text books.  To us, that is the definition of “exclusivity” when it comes to pearls and gemstones. Because there will be no other than that one special specimen…

    We love the odd ones out as much as we love those that fit the general bill of the perfect pearl or gem. It’s each and everything in its own right: A rare specimen of a less expensive material can be just as special as the most expensive pieces available in the market. Because like beauty, we think “perfection” is in the eye of the beholder and is most certainly not defined by value.

    So are you a goldsmith or jewellery designer who likes the use of rare and unusual natural materials for one-off jewellery creations? Materials you won’t see in every shopping window? You might find what you are looking for in our pearl and gemstone collection.

  2. We prefer to see our clients as partners.

    We firmly believe that all players in the jewellery trade, whether he or she is a goldsmith, a jewellery designer, a gemstone setter, a gallery owner or (like us)  a pearl and gemstone supplier etc., all benefit from each others’ success. If everybody is doing well, the market as a whole will grow, which allows everyone in the trade to grow along with it in his or her own field of expertise. “Don’t fight for a bigger piece of the pie. Instead work together as much as you can to make the pie itself bigger.”, is what we always say.

    So we prefer co-operation over competition as it brings along a better vibe for all, which will contribute to better results for all. Therefore we see our clients not just as buyers, but as our partners. People with individual tastes, each with his or her own character, ideas and methods of working. And to be able to cater your needs the best we can, we choose an approach that is as personal as possible but always as professional as can be expected. And to us, it doesn’t matter, whether you’re an established name in the business or a motivated newcomer who is about to take a first plunge. We will do all we can to tailor our service to what you need.


Zylana Gemstones: from high-end to modest but special


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In-house knowledge

Zylana Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain Zylana HRD Certified Diamond Grader





The faces behind Zylana

Zylana was founded in 2009 by Veronica Verdoorn – De Vrede (FGA & CDG). Not being born into an established jewellery trade family, everything started off with baby steps. There was no pre-existing network, no guidance and no road map: The world of pearls, gems and jewellery was completely uncharted territory… But patience is a virtue. And so is tenacity. What began as a one woman (ad)venture slowly but surely developed in to what Zylana is today: A small but flourishing company in which, due to a steady growth, a second face is emerging. As from the second half of 2017 (with the same initial baby steps), René Verdoorn officially joined in as an apprentice.

(Would you like to read more? Find it here at: Zylana Establishment.)

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