Zylana was founded in the Netherlands in 2009, by Veronica Verdoorn – De Vrede. “With the establishment of Zylana, I turned my passion in to my profession.”

“I have always had a weak spot for nature’s beauty. But it was during my years of study to become a gemmologist that my fascination (or should I call it “obsession”) with pearls and gems grew. Especially the rarest and most beautiful specimens, I consider them to be Mother Nature’s true treasures.”


Preference for top quality pearls and gems

“As appreciation grows with knowledge, learning about the origin of pearls and gems, their complex structures and the often incredible properties they display, I developed a strong preference for top quality pieces. Because if you consider all the elements and circumstances needed to form a perfect pearl or gem, then truly: what are the odds?

But mind you. With the terms “top quality” and “perfection” I certainly do not only refer to flawlessness. Perfection (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, even a statement like “top quality” is subjective in relation to taste and emotion. And make no mistake: pearls, gems and jewellery EMBODY taste and emotion.

Veronica | Founder of Zylana Pearls and Gems What do I refer to then? Well, of course flawlessness is a form of perfection. But so is a well-defined diagnostic inclusion. In what is generally considered to be imperfect, perfection can often be found. Think of that perfect “drawing” formed by dendrite inclusions, the coincidental mirror image in the “jardin” and colour distribution of a multi-colour gemstone pair or an odd size or shape that gives that one particular pearl a striking appearance.

So although flawlessness and “perfection according to the general standard” certainly represents top quality which I can definitely appreciate as such, to me it is not the only form of top quality. Beauty in the form of rarity and aesthetically pleasing beyond the mainstream preferences, can be absolutely perfect as well!”


A special passion for pearls

Tahitian pearls with peacock colours from the Zylana pearl collection“The pearl. During my education it became my favourite among favourites. I simply got struck by the beautiful features which pearls can display: my special passion for pearls was born… A special passion that has also passed on to Zylana as a company.”


Appreciating rarity in pearls and gems: Knowledge and personal attention

“When it comes to pearls and gems, rarity is a virtue! But it is a virtue that will only be appreciated when sufficient knowledge is present.  For this reason, I decided that personal attention must be a key element in all services that Zylana provides. We only supply what we personally approve of!”


Veronica Verdoorn – De Vrede (FGA & CDG)
Founder and company owner


Zylana Establishment. A special passion for pearls